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Wind & Storm

There is no telling when catastrophe will strike, and a delay in response time can cost thousands of dollars and create permanent damage to you home or business, especially when water is involved.

MDL Restoration’s 24-hour emergency staff will respond rapidly to save your belongings.

We use advanced moisture detection, drying, and cleaning techniques to restore and rejuvenate your property or belongings that have been exposed to water and are in danger of mold damage.

Restoring your structure and belongings to their pre-loss state, after being damaged by fire or smoke, requires more expertise than ordinary cleaning contractors can provide. Our expert technicians can restore and revitalize our furnishings, carpet, interior, draperies, and other contents to their pre-damaged condition.

Backed by the excellent reputation of MDL Restoration, our experience construction team can make the necessary repairs to bring your home or business back to the way it was before the fire occurred.


Wind & Storm

  • 24-hour Emergency Response

  • Water Extraction

  • Content Manipulation

  • Moisture Detection

  • Removal of Belongings

  • Carpet Cleaning/Reinstalling

  • Floor Cleaning/Refinishing

  • Drywall Removal

  • Deodorizing/Fungal Treatment

Violent winds and thunderstorms can strike in an instant, leaving your home or business in need of immediate repairs. MDL Restoration’s emergency service can arrive and secure your property just as quickly as the storm ravaged it.

Boarding up broken windows and other gaping holes created by violent storms, as well as securing roof leaks with tarps, are some of the ways MDL Restoration protects your structure from further damage while repairs are being made.

Water & Mold

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Water & Mold

  • 24-hour Emergency Maintenance

  • Structural Board-Up

  • Debris Removal

  • Off-site Storage

  • Smoke/odor Removal

  • Carpet/drapery Cleaning

  • Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service

  • Structure Reconstruction

  • Help Finding Temporary Housing

Fire & Smoke

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Fire & Smoke

  • 24-hour Emergency Maintenance

  • Structural Board-Up

  • Thorough Damage Inspection

  • Emergency Weather Protection

  • Tree & Debris Removal

  • Siding Replacement & Repair

  • Roof Repairs



When big losses happen and you don't know where to turn, we will help you navigate the process with the insurance company. We've been through the process and are willing to navigate you through to get the end result that you deserve.

For more information, call us at (989) 922-2272 or visit us on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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